Tuesday, October 6, 2015

How to Create a Repeated Event in Google Calendar with Advanced Customization

Google apps, being Google apps, will, most of the time, able to visualize all your customization needs, provided that you are able to figure it out, or there are someone who figured it out and posted a guide about it.

As I've always highly recommend users to try all the buttons, and ask Google before coming to me, here's the Google Help Link for creating a repeating event on Google Calendar.

However, sometimes we might want our events to recurring in some way that is just more than repeating daily, weekly or monthly. So this post is about the further customization for the creation of a series of repeated event.

The need to create a repeated event is, for example, when you have a 8-hour event for 3 days in a row, but you would like to specific the hours of the event for each day. If that is the case, creating a repeated 1-day event will be more appropriate than creating a 3-day event, which will appear to be 3 all-day events.

In short, customizing the repeat pattern will help you to arrange time-specific repeated event, as creating a continuous event across the event days will make a row of all-day event, that blocks the whole day for your calendar.

Here's how to customize a repeat event in Google Calendar.

To begin, click create new event or event details to enter the following interface.

See the Repeat option? Tick the box and you'll see this:
Tada! That's the interface for you to customize your repeated event. As you can see, at the "Weekly" option, you can actually choose to make your event repeat every other week or further, and repeat on days of week of your choice.

Play with the options and check out the Summary at the bottom for easier understanding of what you've set in one simple sentence.

If you click on the repeat option drop-down menu, you'll be able to explore more options like repeating every other day and so forth.
Do not be afraid to trial and error with the settings, and fine-tune the setting according to the One-Sentence Summary at the bottom. It is actually easier than you thought.

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